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Why people chose Love n' Learn Childcare

Our purpose is all about children and growing young learners. Creating an extension of the home atmosphere, yet providing an environment that promotes professional care and education to the individual child is what we are all about. And, by working together with families, we help children become confident and independent learners with a strong sense of self-worth.
Love n’ Learn Childcare centre is in Markham. We offer an enriched play-based learning environment both in our toddler and preschool rooms. Our daily programs are age appropriate and allow the children to explore, investigate and discover the world around them both indoors and outdoors. Each day our on-site cook prepares 2 healthy snacks and a hot lunch. We would love for you to come to take a look at our bright and spacious classrooms. Contact us today to book a tour or to get more details about the toddler program and/or our preschool programs. We have four separate rooms, each designed and set up for play-based learning. The environment in each classroom contains open-ended learning tools that are age-appropriate for our toddler and preschool programs. We have one infant, one toddler and two preschool rooms.

Our Commitment

We are committed to developing your child in multidimensional facets, physically, emotionally, socially and even become culturally-sensitive and emotionally improved.

Healthy Food
- Love n' Learn ensure children receive healthy meals in all our programs. Healthy eating is important to children's growth and development. Our qualified cook prepares fresh food daily using only the best ingredients that provides meals not only designed for a child's palate but also fulfills all nutritional requirements necessary for growing children. Read more...
Quality Care
- We are dedicated to giving quality day care services and programs to children and of course a summer program that children of 1 months to 5 years can join.
Safe Facility
- The security and safety of each child is our first priority at Love n’ Learn. We institute several safety features, including fingerprint scanner at the front door, to maintain a safe and secure day care facility.
Child Activities
- We provide your child with entertaining activities that promote learning and social interaction in a very fun and interactive way.

toddler program

Qualified Teachers

We have a team of handpicked, highly skilled and knowledgeable educators. They are experienced in providing an inviting, stimulating, child-centered and secure environment for each child environment for your children.

toddler program

Hobby Groups

The groups where your children will be educated are created according to your child’s interests. children. A wide variety of activities to stimulate learning, such as art and crafts, baking, music.

toddler program

Various Programs

We have a variety of programs to offer your children regardless of their age and level of knowledge. Our programs cover all aspects of “How Does Learning Happen?” (Ontario’s pedagogy for the early years)

Our Benefits

It’s your child’s first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children. It’s an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions, and begin the foundation for learning that will occur in elementary school.

  • Safe facility, materials and environment
  • Well-trained and dedicated educators
  • Advanced curriculum designed around the latest scientific research
  • Opportunities for growth in a brand new facility
  • Watch llive your child anywhere anytime on your mobile phone

toddler program

Safe facility, materials and environment

Children are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals because their bodies are still developing and we strive to minimize their chemical exposures in our facility. From flooring and painting to buying our beds and linens, toys, arts and crafts supplies as well as food ingredients, children’s health is our top concern. Great precautions have been taken by Love n’ Learn to ensure attaining and maintaining a toxic-free environment for your children.

toddler program

Well-trained and dedicated educators

Our handpicked, dedicated and passionate team of educators are well trained to ignite a love of learning, and work consistently to build genuine and meaningful relationships with every child that will empower them with confidence to successfully move to the next stage of their learning journey. Working with children is our educators’ vocation and their avocation!

toddler program

Advanced curriculum designed around the latest scientific research

The heart of our curriculum is love and a deep understanding of the individual educational and emotional needs of each child. Designed around the latest scientific early brain development research, our curriculum focuses more on play-based learning and helps children develop rich language, social, physical and cognitive skills.

toddler program

Opportunities for growth in a brand new facility

We have a modern and brand new facility located right in the opposite of Swan Lake where children have a unique opportunity to walk in this beautiful family neighborhood exploring and chatting about nature and age-appropriate details of plant and animal life.

What diffrent is between Playbase childcare and others

Play Base Child Care Center

- Childcare centers in Ontario are licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and centers need to follow all laws and regulation in order to keep their license update and in good standing. Centers also have routine and spontaneous inspections by Public Health, MOE and other authorities to make sure the center is in compliance and the environment is safe.
With centers, some families are able to get help with fees, which can make it more affordable. In order to get affordable childcare, you would need to get approval for subsidy through the region. Centers are an early start to a young learner’s education. The programs are mostly playbased and designed for the early years leading up to Kindergarten.
Play-based learning provides the young learners with opportunities to develop a natural sense of the world around by engaging in play through hands on investigating, exploring and problem solving. In large centers, the rooms are divided up by age, so the programs and activities that are provided each day, are age appropriate and are implemented to help enhance the children in all areas of development. During play they are building social skills, working on motor skills and developing cognitive skills.
There are many benefits to play-based learning such as, explore their own interests, practice fine and gross motors skills and build confidence in their ability to learn.
Centers also give the children an opportunity to focus on social skills and have more exposure to large group interactions. Centers also hire qualified, and educated teachers, who have to follow guidelines with the College of ECE, in order to work in the ECE field.
Child to teacher ratios are low, especially in the younger stages, for instance in a toddler room the ratio is 1:5 (1 staff to every 5 children).
"Play is the highest form of research" – Albert Einstein

Montessori Childcare

- Montessori schools tend to be on the more expensive side. Montessori is child-centered education that is designed to help children at age reach their potential but at their own pace. Focus more on independent learning, life skills and has limited time for social or group interactions when learning. Not set curriculum other then the children learn from their interests and extend into all areas of learning.
Curriculum is self-directed, and work at their own pace. At times can feel intimidating for some younger learnings. It can also be challenging to help promote independent learning, focus and discipline. Children have the opportunity to choose their own projects and work at their own pace but have to demonstrate they are understanding the knowledge through teacher direct tests and assignments. Montessori is also created from infancy to grade 8/9 in some places.
In more traditional or classic schools, the ratio teacher to child ratio tend to be higher, large classes and not a lot of teacher direction or lectures as they refer to it.

Home Childcare

- Home childcare can be the less expensive approach for childcare. Not all home childcares are licensed through any agencies (wee watch) and some providers may have no prior training or knowledge in regard to child’s development. Some providers do not even have a “curriculum” that the children follow on a daily basis. Home Childcare has a more “family” feel environment and setting. Some providers will adjust schedule to meet with family/child needs.
The ratio is much smaller, but they have a mixed age group from infant to older preschoolers. With the mixed age group, activities and programs are usually geared towards the younger children or the younger children may not even be included in the activity

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